European Share Trading

Guide: Advanced Trading


Until recently it was not easy to trade shares internationally.

The internet has changed all that. The emergence of Pan-European online brokers has broken down traditional barriers and allowed investors to buy and sell European shares quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

Sites such as are also providing information about international shares which allows investors to understand more about new markets and make informed investment decisions.

As the number of individual investors increases rapidly in every European country, more and more people will trade shares from across the continent - rather than just in their home country.

The introduction of the European single currency, the Euro, has also lead to more transparency across European markets. Stock markets in the countries that have adopted the Euro quote share in the new currency to it is easy to compare prices and currency risks are reduced.

In this European Share Trading guide we will explain why it is important that you understand the advantages of trading in new European markets and help you learn how to do it.

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