The Bonds page has data on UK short, medium and long-term fixed income bonds as well as charting and the most recent bonds news.

Gilts or Gilt Edged Securities are UK Government Bonds that deliver a fixed income to the investor and the guarantee of the return of capital at a known future date. The rate of interest on a Gilt is fixed at the time of issue and does not change when other interest rates rise or fall. Our Gilts Centre highlights Benchmark Gilts for you - those by which the market measures performance - and also allows you to sort all Gilts by time to expiration.

Benchmark Bonds

8% Treasury Stock 2015

8% Treasury Stock 2015
Short Term Price
Medium Term Price
Long Term Price
Tre 5% 2025 £103.78
Tre 4¾% 2038 £113.94
Tre 4¼% 2027 £105.40
Tre United Kingdom 3 1/4% 2044 £93.00
Tre United Kingdom 2 3/4% 2024 £99.13

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