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Small Cap Market Data

FTSE Small Cap Chart
FTSE Small Cap Chart
Index Value Chg
FTSE Small Cap 7359 +7.95
FTSE AIM All-Share 1251 +3.84
FTSE AIM 100 6189 +18.50
FTSE AIM 50 6649 +5.93

Small Cap Top Risers

Name Price +/-
RM 250.00p 17.00p
Harworth Group 157.00p 8.00p
Fuller Smith & ... 842.00p 42.00p
International P... 149.20p 7.40p
Riverstone Ener... 374.00p 18.00p

Latest News

  • Ethernity signs contract with large international vendor

    (Sharecast News) - Data programming offload technology company Ethernity Networks announced on Friday that, following testing of its 'UEP-20' product equipped with wireless bonding technology, it had signed a contract with a "well-established, international" wireless connectivity vendor.

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