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The AIM and Small Cap companies page allows you to research and analyse as well as read the latest AIM and Small Cap news.

Small Cap Market Data

FTSE Small Cap Chart
FTSE Small Cap Chart
Index Value Chg
FTSE Small Cap 6607 -12.92
FTSE AIM All-Share 931 -2.48
FTSE AIM 100 4491 -22.31
FTSE AIM 50 5162 -14.32

Small Cap Top Risers

Name Price +/-
Fisher (James) ... 391.00p 33.50p
Nanoco Group 48.00p 3.00p
Manchester & Lo... 427.00p 25.00p
Medica Group 160.00p 7.00p
Montanaro UK Sm... 126.50p 4.50p

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