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  • Q. How do I register? Top

    A. You can register free of charge for Digital Look’s comprehensive company research service. Click here to register and fill in your details. Remember to select a title and a country from the drop down menus. If you are not currently in employment or don’t work for a company please choose ‘Other’ from the Industry drop down menu and fill in the ‘Job Title’ text box with relevant information e.g. self-employed, retired or equivalent.

    Please make sure you fill in all mandatory fields marked *

    Once you fill in a registration form we will process your details and send you a welcome email confirming your registration. Please make sure that you use the correct e-mail address. If you have not received an email from us within 24 hours then it could be that you have inadvertently given us an incorrect email address. If you think you have given an incorrect email address then please re-register or contact

    Q. Is the service free? Top

    A.Digital Look provides free of charge a complete suite of effective financial information and technical solutions including real time investor data, prices, breaking news, advanced trading tools and sophisticated e-mail services.

    You can simply register with us to gain immediate access to the following useful services: set up a portfolio of shares, funds and indices and receive e-mail portfolio alerts containing all of the latest news, prices and other data about companies in your portfolio access advanced investor tools including stock screener, heat maps and charting.

    Q. How do I use the Digital Look service? Top

    A. When you register with us we will send you a Welcome e-mail with detailed information on how to use our service. Good starting points are:
    Research Channel
    News Channel
    Digital Look Markets Channel

    Q. Can you recommend a good stock broker? Top

    A. Digital Look is a company which provides a full range of information, education and support to private investors. Unfortunately we are not able to provide personal advice or recommendation to our clients as we are not an FSA regulated company. However, we do maintain a finance directory which provides links to many other firms that do provide advice.

    Q. Why do you run advertising on the Digital Look website? Top

    A. We do often have to walk a tightrope with regards to balancing the provision of a good and as advert-free a service as possible whilst still affording the running of a free website. In order to keep the website and all of its data/content free of charge we will have to run some intrusive advertising for our sponsors from time to time.

    Ultimately it is not our aim to turn away dedicated and loyal users.

    Q. How does Digital Look protect my privacy? Top

    A. Although the site is not https secure we take several measures to ensure that your privacy is protected on our website. While you are able to store your details on your computer to allow for ease of log-in, your password is encrypted so no one would be able to 'steal' your password from our site. Also, since we are not a trading platform, or a direct link to a trading platform, there is no way that anyone would be able to enter your trading account.

    Regarding unsolicited junk mail, we do not sell or pass on your details to any third party sources. We do, however, send out offers on other companies behalf, but these emails are always clearly labeled and sent from 'Digital Look' with clear links to unsubscribe. In addition, we currently do not send out any postal email or pass on postal addresses to other companies.

    You can read our full terms and conditions here.

    Q. How do I unsubscribe? Top

    A. If you would like to unsubscribe from our newsletters please follow the steps below

    Step One - Log into your Digital Look Account
    Step Two – Click on the link “Manage your email alerts” found under the heading "Your E-mail Alerts".
    Step Three - Firstly ensure all boxes under the market alerts heading are unticked. Now look to the right of the page under the heading Portfolio/Watchlist Alerts select "None". Be sure to click "Update My Email Settings" at the bottom of the page.
    Step Four – As you may have trigger alerts currently activated these will also need to be cancelled. Click on the heading "Trigger Alerts".
    Step Five
    – To delete a trigger click the box with a red cross on it. Please note if you have no alerts set up you will not see any triggers or boxes.

    Q. How do I change my email address? Top

    A. If you would like to change your email address please follow the steps below

    Step One - Log into your Digital Look Account
    Step Two – Click on the link “Edit Account details” found under the heading "Your Account Details".
    Step Three - Put your new email address in the box titled E-mail – you will also need to put the address in the box then scroll to the bottom and click "Update my details"

    Q. I am having trouble logging in. Top

    A. Firstly try clearing your cookies and internet files

    In Internet Explorer go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Cookies / Delete Files. Then, close and restart IE.
    You should also be advised to ALLOW cookies. If in 'Tools -> Internet Options -> Security' – if the security setting is High or above, this should be reduced to Medium or Low.

    In Firefox go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy and Make sure “Accept cookies from site” is ticked and that it is showing “keep until they expire”. You should then Click Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings -> and ensure “direct connection to the internet” is selected.

    If you are running any Norton or other security application this may also be causing problems. If possible, you should disable these features when using the site.

    If you are still having problems please email the following details if possible:

    The Windows and Internet explorer are you using? (Windows is most likely XP, to find out your browser version, go to Help - About Internet Explorer and then copy down the Version (for example 3.0.2900.2180.xpsp_sp2_gdr.050301-1519)
    And your IP Address? (to determine this go to and copy down your address)

    Q. Real Time does not seem to be working. Top

    A. If you are having trouble connecting to Real Time it may be due to servers block you from accessing our data. Please follow the steps below

    Step One – Scroll down the Real Time page until you see in a link “follow this link to ensure that your system is able to connect to Real Time” click on this.
    Step Two – A pop up box should appear and in this you will notice a Connectivity test start to happen. Wait until you see “The tests have now completed” and then copy and paste this into an email

    Q. Why do I have to keep logging in after only 5 minutes? Top

    A. This may be due to your cookies.
    Please click on this link and follow the instructions to enable cookies. Enabling cookies

    Q. How do I add to my portfolio? Top

    A. There are two ways that you can add a company to your portfolio

    Option one

    Step One - Go to your portfolio page and click on add to portfolio which you should find under the blue tabs in the shaded
    Step Two - A pop up window should appear - put the ticker of the company and then click "Search"
    Step Three - A list of companies matching your search will appear - click on the box near the company name and then click on "Select"

    Option Two

    Step One - Using our search engine – find the company that you are wanting
    Step Two - Once in the company page - click on the "Add to Portfolio" which you will find above the blue tabs next to "Trigger Alert"
    Step Three - A white box should appear and the background should get shaded - click on the box which is on the same line as the portfolio you want it to be added to and then click on "Update".

    Q. I can’t find a company I want to do research on. Top

    A. The company search page only searches our primary listings – if your company is not on that then you need to complete an advanced search. The Company Search page will appear with a sentence saying "We can't find anything for [your company] and [All Markets]. We recommend that you try the following". Click on the bottom link for 'Advanced Search'. Alternatively you can use the Advanced Search tab on the search page or the link at the top of every page.

    Q. How do I find out about upcoming events such as dividend payment dates, AGM’s etc? Top

    A. We have all that information in our Company Diary which you will find in the Research area under UK Market Data. However if there is only one specific company that you are looking for then you will find it on the Company page in the Financial page under the “Key Dates”

    Q. How do I change my password Top

    A. To change your password, simply log into your account and click on the “my account” link in the toolbar at the top of the page. Here you just click on the change link next to password.

    Q. I forgot my password Top

    A. Not to worry, we can send you your password again. Just click here and then click on the “I’ve forgotten my password” link. Enter your email address and click the button.

    Q. How do I change my email address? Top

    A. To change your email address, simply log into your account and click on the “my account” link in the toolbar at the top of the page. Here you just click on the edit link next to “your account details”. Here you can update all of your details, including your email address.

    Q. How do I sign up for your email alerts? Top

    A. To sign up to alerts, simply log into your account, and click on the “my account” link in the toolbar at the top of the page. Here you just click on the edit link next to “Your e-mail alerts” and you can choose which of our alerts you would like to receive.

    Q. What do people say about Digital Look Top

    A. "Great website by the way! I've been using it for about 6 months now and find the information invaluable."

    "Excellent website and hugely informative"

    "Congratulations on your new look. Having used your site for 8 years or so, this is the best it has been. Portfolios are clear and easy to look at at a moments notice"

    "As an online trader I want all the nitty-gritty on a prospective Company before committing to a Buy/Hold/Sell decision. Digital Look provides all the market news, broker views, newspaper links and research data I need to determine the history, current performance and future prospects of any UK registered business. It is packed with fantastic tools to help me isolate, manipulate and compare information and to distil that vital piece of data I need to make an optimum trading decision. As a Facebook user I love the unique & un-stuffy way Digital Look stays in touch with me. Direct one-on-one chat, Q & A, helpful videos and even the opportunity to contribute are all available through the site. I use Digital Look every single day and it is the biggest & best asset I have in my investment toolbox ... and it’s free!"

    "When it comes to my trading style anything that is affecting the market right now is what I want to know about and as Digital Look provide an excellent and easy to read ‘company diary’, I honestly feel I would be lost without this valuable information. I also love to read the ‘broker views’ section. I find myself chuckling to these a lot, but like it or not, often what they have to say can move a share price – so if someone has a view on any stocks I’m holding or are interested in, I need to know about it. I like the clear and overall easy to read style of the website and the ‘i-Look’ section means you can put your favourite tools and information in one place. As I can now follow Digital Look on Facebook this makes them very approachable and easy to keep up to date with when they introduce something new such as their help videos."

    Hi Digital Look - great website by the way! I've been using it for about 6 months now and find the information invaluable.

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