Guide To Company Pages

The company pages allow you to research and monitor any quoted company in detail. They provide information on intraday and historic prices, trades, profits and sales figures and all key financial information and ratios, broker recommendations and news.

These pages offer you a comprehensive source of information that enables you to quickly research a company in detail, or to quickly find the latest information on shares that you are monitoring.

For each company there is an Overview page that gives snapshot access to the information about the company, as well as specific pages giving access to more detailed information.

Company Overview

The company overview page gives a snapshot summary of all the main market information and news, with links to pages with more detailed information.

At the top of the page there is a brief synopsis of the company and its history. Below this you can view charts of intraday and 6 month price data. There are links to the latest company announcements and a summary of the key fundamentals figures and analyst forecast data.

There are also links to the latest company headlines from the national papers and from ShareCast, as well as a table showing all of the latest director deals.

The side bar contains a range of useful market information. You can view relevant price data such as current price, price change for the day, volume traded and last close price. You can also see the current RiskGrade rating and beta for your chosen share. Below this are summary analyst recommendations (where available), latest company trades, and key personnel.

Company Prices

The prices page provides access to the most recent price quote and other market information on the selected company. The pages are split into four sections: Overview, Price & Risk History, Intraday Activity and Streaming Prices.

Overview Page

The Overview page contains all of the company’s key price information including detailed price data, price changes over the last year, additional price data and related market prices.

Detailed price data shows the change in price over the last trading day, the bid and offer price for the day’s trading, the price at close of trading, the volume in the last trading day along with the daily and 52-week high and low prices. You can also see the last trade price and the last trade amount.

Price Changes displays the price changes over different time periods from 1 week to 1 year.

The Additional Price Data table displays information related to the company’s stock market listing, such as ex-dividend and ex-rights information and NMS (normal market size – the volume of shares above which a market maker can refuse to accept a trade).

You can also see how the relevant sector and indices are performing in the Related Market Prices section.

Price & Risk History

This section contains a 28 day price history of the share (closing price, open, high, low). Also, see the volume and RiskGrade for the last 28 days.

Intraday Activity

View price information in 15 minute increments throughout the day from market open to close. See the mid, bid, offer, volume and change on day from 8am until 4:30pm.

Streaming Prices

Track share prices second-by-second through marketLIVE!, our free real-time streaming service. This page is a must for any active trader.

Company Charts

Our comprehensive charting tool allows you to plot charts on companies, indices, and other securities over different time periods.

You can overlay various moving averages to view share price trends and view a range of key technical indicators to help analyse price changes in more detail.

Historical Charts

Our historical charts contain a wide range of choices – moving averages, price bands, overlays, annotations and indicators – perfect for technical analysts.

Streaming Charts

View real-time streaming charts throughout the day through marketLIVE!, our free real-time streaming service.

Company Trades

This section provides access to information on the day’s trades, as well as a graphical summary of trade information over the past 3 days. From here, view largest and latest trades, as well as intraday analysis and streaming trades.

Trades Overview

This page summarises the five most recent trades as well as the five largest trades.

Latest Trades

This page lists the most recent transactions for the selected company.

Largest Trades

This page shows the most recent large transactions for the selected company. You can chose to filter to only show trades above a certain monetary value by selecting from the drop down box.

Intraday Analysis

This page provides a graphical summary of the three day intraday trades analysis as well as tables of the latest and largest trades. The graphs show the trading activity by time and by transaction price - enabling you to see the trading pattern throughout the day and the price at which trades are being executed. You may also view the table by volume.

Streaming Trades

View real-time streaming trades data throughout the day through marketLIVE!, our free real-time streaming service.

Company News

The news pages provide access to a comprehensive set of news and information on your selected company, including ShareCast news, regulatory news, newspaper links, tips and analysis and other related new items.

There are a number of subcategories providing access to more news from each of these sources.

News Overview

This section shows the five most recent articles in each of the news subcategories.

Regulatory News

Provides access to news released by the company to the market through regulatory news services. This includes items that a company chooses to distribute through RNS, PR Newswire and Newstrack.

ShareCast News

Access all of the ShareCast news for the company, written by Digital Look's award winning ShareCast team of business journalists.


Keep up to date with what the national papers are saying about the company. The Newspapers page offers links to all newspaper articles regarding your chosen company by linking directly to the relevant story on the newspaper website.


Links to all of the tips and analysis stories from the national newspaper and financial magazine web sites.

News Wires

Displays links to stories from various news wires as available.

Other News

These pages display news stories from a variety of other miscellaneous sources.


Link direct to the web sites of UK and leading international newspapers and other news sources.

Company Financials

Keep up to date with every company's financial facts and figures with the comprehensive financial information pages. This section offers access to all of the latest company fundamentals (P&L, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement), key financial ratios, consensus analyst forecasts, broker views, key dates and access to financial analysis and charts.

Under the Financials header are five subheaders, Overview, Dividends, Fundamentals, Consensus Forecasts, Broker Views and Key Dates.

Financials Overview

This page provides an overview of the key financial data relating to the chosen company.

From this page you can access:

  • Graphical view of growth in sales, EPS and dividend
  • Headline company fundamentals
  • Financial forecasts for the next 2 years


This page lists dividend information for the past five years (where available), including amount, payment, ex-div and record dates.


This page provides comprehensive access showing all of the company's key financial accounts information for the last 5 years.This includes:

  • Dividend data.
  • Fundamentals covering the key figures from profit and loss, balance sheet (fixed and current assets, liabilities, capital and reserves) and cash flow statement.
  • Key financial ratios to help you assess a company's margins, efficiency and valuation.

Consensus Forecasts

The chart at the top of the page allows you to view the current analyst recommendations and to compare how these have changed over the last year. View the analyst forecasts for a company's financials such as profits, sales, earnings (EPS) and dividends. You can also access consensus broker recommendations to see the average broker view for the stock. An analysis of historic forecasts is also provided to show how the company's forecasts have changed through time - for example whether brokers are raising or lowering their forecasts for the company over time.

Broker Views

This page shows available details of recently released analyst recommendations for the selected company. The analyst's new price target for the share is shown, and compared to the analyst's previous price target where available.

You can refine the analyst views displayed by selecting the type of recommendation and action (upgrade/downgrade/reiteration) you wish to view from the two drop down boxes at the top of page.

Key Dates

View the dates of key events related to the company's business, including dividend, meetings and announcement dates.

Company Director Deals

The Director Deals pages contain comprehensive information on all director dealings for the selected company.

It highlights the latest and largest deals over the last 90 days as well as providing director shareholding information. You can also see graphical views of the director trades (buy and sell) in the last year.


This contains charts indicating the buys and sells that have taken place, tables informing you of the latest deals and the largest deals and director shareholding information.There are two other sub headers - Latest Deals and Largest deals.

Latest Deals

View which directors have been recently buying or selling shares in the company that they manage. The table displays the action (Buy, sell, profit scheme, etc.) of the trade as well as the amount, price and date of the trade.

Largest Deals

View the largest director deals that have recently taken place for the company. The page gives you the option to filter the results to only show deals over certain values. You can select 'Show all' in the drop down box to show all deals, or select one of the values, such as £20K, to show all deals greater than this value.

Company Profile


Contains all of the key information regarding the company's profile including company overview, competitors, key personnel, contact details and sector and index listings.

Profile Data

Access the company's listing data, such as company's Symbol, its main indices, market segment, the date the company was listed and the country where it is registered.

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