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The search tool is a powerful way of looking for companies.

Let's say for example you would like to search for Vodafone. Enter the name (Vodafone), or symbol (VOD – we will use this one for the example) into the field and press the search button. This will now automatically search our primary listings for any company that matches VOD.

The Company Search Result page will appear with a list of all the companies that have VOD in their name. The company that matches it the most will appear at the top. Click on the company that you were looking for (Vodafone) and then you will be taken to their Company Page which lists all the information you need to know for trading.

However, if you company does not appear in the results this may be due to them being in our secondary listings. For example, if I was looking for Northern European Properties (NEPR) once I had pressed the search button there would be no list appear. Instead I would see the Company Search page with a sentence saying “No results have been found for "nepr". To expand your search to include secondary listings, click here". All you need to do is press the "click here" link and it will then search the secondary listings and once again you will come back to the Company Search Result page with the list of all the companies from our secondary listings that match the name.

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