Financial Healthcheck

Find out how healthy your finances are by putting all your personal finance providers through their paces. With a click of a button you can compare your credit card, savings account, current account, loan and ISA against all their peers in the market to see how they stack up. Select the providers and products you use from the drop down menus and then press “Run the Financial Health Check”.

Your overall financial health will be graded on a scale of 5 stars. A Star Rating gives you an 'at a glance' picture of how your financial products are performing relative to their peers. The more stars your financial health receives, the better it has performed.

  • A Star Rating that has five stars indicates financial products that are better than all the alternatives.
  • A Star Rating that has two and a half stars indicates a range of products that are average.
  • A Star Rating that has one or no stars indicates there are better financial products and services in the market.

You may compare your products to the top best buys in that sector with our comparison tables. Select a tab to see where your products rank compared to the best picks in that area.

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