Performance Tables

Getting Started

Use the Performance Table tool to find out how a selected group of companies are performing by comparing them to their market or sector and then sort the information according to your needs.

The Performance Table provides easy access to view a wide range of information for the selected companies. This information can be sorted by any of the fields shown in the table.

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Benefits of this tool

  1. Covers a wide range of data on every company.
  2. Can filter by Country, Index, or Sector.
  3. Able to add companies from table straight to portfolio.
  4. Can compare all the key fundamentals for a group of companies in one view.

How To Use

Step One: Select either an index or sector.

A table will be displayed showing a range of market information for the set of companies chosen. The default view shown is an overview page and contains data such as price change (1 day and 7 day), Dividend Yields, EPS, P/E ratio and the consensus broker recommendation for each company. (See glossary for more information on these terms)

You can research a particular company in more detail at any time by clicking on the company name.

This will take you to the Company Summary page.

Step Two: You can select different data views for that set of companies by using the links at the top of the table.

Data Views

There are a number of data views that can be used to display a wide range of information on companies. Here is a summary of the data views:

Performance - Includes figures on volume of trades, and price changes for various time periods.

Price - Includes information on bid, mid and offer values, spread, open, last close and the 52 week high and low.

Fundamentals - Displays all of the key fundamental information such as revenue, operating P/L, net assets, cash in bank and Pre-tax profit.

Financial Ratios - Shows the most popular ratios used such as P/E, PEG, Dividend Yield, Operating Margin, ROCE and ROA.

Forecasts - Displays the analyst projected figures for EPS, EPS Growth, P/E, net dividend, yield, turnover and the number of upgrades/downgrades in EPS forecast in the last 3 months.

Broker Recommendations - Shows the number of brokers recommending the investment as a strong buy, buy, hold, sell and strong sell, as well as the average recommendation.

Director Dealings - Shows information regarding the value of shares bought or sold by directors in various time periods.

Time & Sales - This section outlines the quantity and value of buy and sell trades on a daily basis and calculates the average trade price and VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price) for that trading day.

Risk - This section shows how the risk of the investment (using the RiskGrade®) has changed over various time periods.

Video Guide

Find out how to use the Performance Tables with our short video guide.

Performance Tables Guide

Note: These are available for all tools.

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